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We will be happy to welcome you here and offer you a roof over your head. Apartment Honey is suitable for families with children, a group of friends, or even a couple in love. The spectrum of activities in Dolní Morava is so wide that no one can be bored.

The apartment stands out for its quiet location. It is located further from the busiest location, so your stay will not be disturbed by enthusiastic tourists hungry for experiences.

Your haven for Dolní Morava vacation!

Apartmán Honey offers its guests pleasant and modern accommodation in a mountain environment.
In the vicinity of the apartment, you can enjoy, for instance, hiking but also skiing. In Dolní Morava,
you can collect a lot of experiences, whether adrenaline or relaxation!

Why Honey?

Fully equipped

The apartment is fully modern equipped to provide you with the perfect facilities for your stay without fear of missing anything.

Enjoy the fully equipped kitchen, smart TV and wireless internet access!

In the heart of nature

The apartment is situated in a quiet corner of the Dolní Morava nature and is located off tourist spots to avoid disturbance.

Adjacent to the apartment is a small balcony with a view of the surrounding countryside.


Take a look at what it looks like before you choose Apartmán Honey as your harbour for your Dolní Morava holiday.
The apartment is modernly equipped to provide you with a pleasant environment to happily return to from your adventures.

Worth your visit

The vicinity of Apartment Honey offers perfect facilities for trips and relaxation. Whether you like to spend your holidays by the water, hiking, exploring nature or active sports, Dolní Morava offers the right thing for you!

Socha slůněte na Kralickém Sněžníku

Králický Sněžník mountain

The highest point in the area is 1.424 m above sea level with a statue of an elephant on the top. Active relaxation with the view as a reward...

Přečerpávací elektrárna Dlouhé Stráně

Dlouhé Stráně power plant

The Dlouhé Stráně hydroelectric power station is one of the 7 biggest wonders in the Czech Republic and although it is a little further away, it is worth a visit...

Přehrada Pastviny

Pastviny dam

Pastviny is a great place nearby to go swimming and relax by the water in the summer. On top of that, you can rent pedal boats and relax on the dam lake...

Bobové dráhy Dolní Morava

Alpine coasters

Fasten your seat belts and slide down the 1.6 km-long summer toboggan "U slona" or the 3km-long "Mammoth alpine coaster"...

The Sky Walk

Enjoy Dolní Morava from a bird's eye view. At its highest point, the trail ijs standing 50 metres above the ground...

Sky Bridge

The longest suspension footbridge in the world is right in Dolní Morava. A wonderful view of the surrounding nature is waiting for you...



Dolní Morava 69
561 69, Dolní Morava
Apartment and parking lot number: B4.3


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