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The vicinity of Apartmán Honey offers perfect facilities for trips and relaxation. Let us give you some tips for activities nearby – whether you like to spend your holidays by the water, hiking, exploring nature or active sports, Dolní Morava offers the perfect experience for you.

Dolní Morava Amusement Complex

Dolní Morava is attractive not only for climbing and exploring nature. In the main area of Dolní Morava, you can experience other activities that will probably increase the adrenaline in your blood and make your heart beat a little faster. You can buy tickets on the spot, but we recommend buying them online at their website.

Bobové dráhy Dolní Morava

Alpine coasters

Alpine coaster "U slona" ("By the Elephant")

Fasten your seat belts and slide down the 1.6 km-long summer toboggan. Although this slide is shorter than the Mammoth Alpine Coaster, the sled can still go up to 50 km/h. The alpine coaster track is located near the lower parking lot and restaurant U Slona. You don't need to take the cable car. Children from a height of 120 cm can ride the sled alone.

Mammoth Alpine Coaster

Get ready for a ride of your life! The Mammoth Alpine Coaster is the longest in the Czech Republic and the second longest in Europe. It measures three kilometres, and you can reach a speed of up to 50 km/h. For sports enthusiasts, we recommend walking to the Mammoth Coaster on a forest path that starts at the Sněžník cable car. You can go up to about 1/3 of the slope and then follow the path to the right.
Children from 8 years, or measuring at least 135 cm, can ride the sled alone. Children from 3 years can ride the sled with an adult.

The Sky Walk

Enjoy Dolní Morava from a bird's eye view. If you get up early in the morning and the weather is just right, you can see the magic of the inversion. At its highest point, the trail is 50 metres above the ground. The brave ones can walk the tightrope over an empty space. You can shorten your way up by walking in a net tunnel. The way down can be even faster in a toboggan slide. The trail is a total of 710 metres.

Sky Bridge

The longest suspension footbridge in the world is right in Dolní Morava. A wonderful view of the surrounding nature is waiting for you - hills and forests spanning as far as your eyes can see. You cross the bridge from one hilltop to the other at a height of up to 95 metres. The footbridge is 721 metres long. You can get to the Sky Bridge the same way as the Mammoth Alpine Coaster: by cable car or on foot.

Activity tips for summer and winter season: activities nearby

Socha slůněte na Kralickém Sněžníku

Králický sněžník mountain

The highest point in the area is 1,424 m above sea level, so you can enjoy the view from the top. There is also a lookout tower on the hill, which you can even see from the apartment car park.
There are several routes to Sněžník, depending on your physical condition. Directly from Dolní Morava there is a 9km yellow trail starting at the Morava River.
Take the red trail to the very top past the Elephant statue. The route is 11km long. You must head towards the Klepý lookout tower and then continue towards Malosněžnický Ridge.

Přečerpávací elektrárna Dlouhé Stráně

Dlouhé Stráně power plant

The hydroelectric power plant can be reached from Dolní Morava by car. The distance is 34 km, but the visit is worth it. Dlouhé Stráně is located near the village of Loučná nad Desnou and ranks among the 7 greatest wonders in the Czech Republic. You can reach the reservoir on foot along a 4.5 km long route or by minibus, which regularly brings tourists to the site and back.

Nature Reserve Zemská brána

For a pleasant trip into nature, visit the Earth Gate, a reserve surrounded by rocks and climbing formations. From Lower Moravia, Zemská Brána is 25km away. The Divoká Orlice River, full of boulders, flows through the reserve, which is why the place has become a nature reserve.

Přehrada Pastviny

Pastviny water dam

Pastviny is a great place to go swimming in the summer. By car you will drive 23 km. Pedal boats are available for hire and can sail across the 7km lake. In addition to pedal boats, you can also fish here.

Klepý lookout tower

Go to the lookout tower, standing on the border of the Czech Republic and Poland. The trail leads about 7 km up a steep hill. Of course you will enjoy the view at the top.

Ski lifts in the area

• Větrný vrch
• Ski slopes in the area Dolní Morava (8 ski lifts)
• Králičák
• Čenkovice
• Buková Hora
• Kunčice

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